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1. Minimum Lease Time

Minimum time is considered the period of one day (24 hours). After the expiration of the agreed lease, SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL allows the renter a grace period of one hour, free of charge, for returning the car. After the expiration of the grace period mentioned above, there will be a minimum charge for the renter, equal to the cost of an extra day. In case of returning the car earlier than the prearranged time stated in the lease there will be no refund.

2. Driver’s Age

The vehicles’ drivers must be over 23 years old, not exceed 75 years of age.

3. Driving License

The vehicles’ drivers must possess an international driving license or EU member state for at least 3 years.

4. Required Documents

When renting the car it is required to have the driver’s original driving license, identity card or passport. SENEN CFU CAR RENTAL is not responsible for the legality of these documents.

5. Delivery – Collection of the Car

All vehicles of SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL are in excellent condition. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the car must be checked by the renter and the manager of the office for any damages (externally or internally), the condition of the tires and the extra equipment. Everything should be specifically stated in the contract and the contract must be signed by the renter. Upon picking up of the vehicle it is rechecked for any alterations.

6. Cars Maintenance

Regular car maintenance is provided by SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL in certified repair centers. Car tires are replaced at regular intervals due to natural wear. Damages due to misuse of the car (e.g destruction of the tire due to contact with the pavement, potholes, etc.) shall be charged to the renter. It is strictly prohibited to the renter to make any repairs to the vehicle without prior notice.

7. Mileage

Unlimited mileage provided in all our rentals.

8. Fines from traffic violations or other violations

The renter is solely charged and he must immediately inform SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL.

9. Use of Car

The vehicle can be used exclusively by the renter, who is stated as the driver in the lease contract and in accordance with the laws of the Greek state. The vehicle can be used only for lawful purposes and it is prohibited to use the vehicle: 1) for participation in or watching of races, 2) for the lease of the vehicle by the renter in a third party, 3) for towing vehicles or other objects, 4) for the transportation or moving of heavy objects, 5) for transporting items the possession or transfer of which is prohibited by law, 6) if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any substance that affects the driver’s ability. SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL reserves the right to stop the vehicle if the vehicle is not used in accordance with the above terms.

10. Insurances

1. Premium Insurance Pack (Free)
Our Premium Insurance Pack is included in total price and includes:
Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W. )
Third Party Liability (T.P.L.)
Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I). Covers both the drivers and the passengers.

Excess Amount in Case of Accident:
350€: For Α & Α+
500€: For B, C & A Auto
600€: For B SUV
750€: For A SUV & 7 Seats
1000€: For A+ SUV

Damages to the underside of the car, glass, tires, interior and in the clutch system are excluded.

The cost of the damage is estimated by an expert and in an authorized repair workshop which is defined only by SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL.

2. Gold Insurance Pack (Zero Excess)
Our Gold Insurance Pack has an extra charge and includes:
Zero Excess in case of accident
Theft Protection (T.P.). It does not cover theft of personal belongings and is only valid for rentals within the island of Corfu.
Fire Protection (F.P.)
Glass Protection
Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W. )
Third Party Liability (T.P.L.)
Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I). Covers both the drivers and the passengers.

Gold Insurance Extra Charge (Per Car Type):
7€/day: For Α & Α+
10€/day: For B, C & A Auto
15€/day: For B SUV, A SUV, 7 Seats &  A+ SUV

Damages to the underside of the car, tires, interior and in the clutch system are excluded.
The cost of the damage is estimated by an expert and in an authorized repair workshop which is defined only by SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL.

11. Loss or damage of keys

The keys of all SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL cars are immobilizer type. For each vehicle there is a spare key. If the renter loses the key he must immediately notify the office of SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL where he made the rent so as the spare key to be sent, without attempting in any way to operate the vehicle. The dispatch of the spare key as well as the construction of the new key is charged to the renter.

12. Allowed  Routes

The vehicle must be driven only on asphalt roads. The renter is responsible to move in streets where damage to the vehicle will not be created. The vehicle must be driven only on Corfu Island.  If the vehicle is immobilized or an accident is caused due to bad road condition then no insurance can cover it (CDW etc.) and the renter is charged.

13. Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is provided to the rented car in case of an accident. Road assistance does not cover the case if the car is immobilized because of lack of fuel, improper use of the vehicle, damage to tires and accident-damage when driving off-road. In these cases the cost of the road assistance bares solely on the renter.

14. Car Accidents

In the event that an accident occurs during the car rental, the driver must, if he is able, take care of his own safety and the safety of the passengers.
He must then inform SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL and the Police. In the event that a traffic accident is not detected, the driver must necessarily note the registration number of the vehicle with which he came into contact, the driver’s name, his telephone number and the insurance company that covers the other car, and the person in charge of the vehicle must be informed immediately. SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL to settle the damage. In the event of an accident with minor material damage, the driver may, at his discretion, decide that it is safe to continue his journey, or request a replacement of the vehicle.

15. Breakdown

The cars of SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL are new and delivered in excellent condition. All her cars are covered with roadside assistance. In the event of any damage, the driver calls SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL 24/7, which sends roadside assistance to check the condition of the damage.
If the damage is immediately repairable, then roadside assistance repairs it and the rental continues. If the damage is serious, SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL sends a car to replace the originally rented car to the renter. The time to replace the car depends on the distance relative to the nearest station. Usually the time required does not exceed 4-5 hours.

16. Optional Equipment / Extras

Child Seat:  Available only upon request, daily charge 4 € euro.
Baby Seat:  Available only upon request, daily charge 3 € euro.
Additional Driver: Daily charge 5 € euro. Second Driver is free of charge.

17. Delivery – Collection Costs

All central locations are free of charge
(Corfu Airport, Corfu Port, Corfu Town, Kanoni, Garitsa).
All other locations have 15€ or 30€ cost, depending on the distance from Corfu Town.

Extra Charges/Cleaning
In case the car needs extensive cleaning (stains at seats) at collection of the car, the amount of 50 euros will be charged.

18. Delivery/collection outside office hours rental

The delivery and collection outside office hours is 25€ euros.
Office Hours: 8:00 – 23:00.

19. Fuel Costs

If the vehicle is not returned with the same amount of fuel that has been at the reception there will be an extra charge to replenish them.

20. Changing vehicle type

SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL reserves the right, depending on availability, to provide a different type of car than the original booking with one of equal or superior category.

21. Change Booking

Change in booking requires price calculation again, according to the availability of vehicles, prices prevailing at that time, the return station etc. Change in the name of the renter, in the station of delivery or the credit card number can not be done. In this case, please cancel your booking and make a new booking.

22. Cancellation

In case of cancellation it is applicable to: refund the entire amount of the deposit, if you cancel your reservation one week before the rental commencement. If you cancel in a time period of one week up to 48 hours the charge will be 50% of the deposit. If you cancel in less than 48 hours before the rental commencement the charge will be 100% of the deposit, regardless of when the reservation was made.

23. No-show

In case of no-show, the renter will be charged the entire cost of the rental. In case of lateness of the renter, charges will apply from the date and time that the booking was supposed to begin. If the renter does not appear (No-show) within 4 hours from the time of commencement, SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL reserves the right to cancel the booking, without guaranteeing the availability of another car.

24. Extension or change of delivery location

For rental extension or change of the place of delivery a confirmation is needed by SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL. It is likely that the car is not available for the period you request and must be returned on the date and time indicated in the reservation or lease.

25. Credit card information

The credit card which will be used to pay services of SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL will be charged only once and only for this transaction. SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL is not responsible for the terms of use regarding privacy policy adopted by the financial institutions with which it cooperates to complete the transaction.

26. Terms & Prices

The terms and prices can change without notice at the discretion of SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL. SEVEN CFU CAR RENTAL reserves the right to offer some free services after certain offers or agreements with the renter.

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